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September 12, 2007

I haven’t posted in a while because things have been insane busy at work.

I have been on the lookout for good non-wool sock yarns that don’t come in fancy pretty colours. Kind of a difficult search, isn’t it? Then the other week when I was getting a replacement needle for a sweater that I abandoned a long time ago, I found Crystal Palace Maizy, 82% corn fiber, 18% elastic nylon, per the label. It’s an interesting yarn to work with. It’s a little bit annoying, because the fibers are kind of loosely plied and they keep separating as I knit. And then, I am working on the apparent Cursed Sock which I have had to frog twice, and this yarn is not so forgiving about frogged and re-knit repeatedly.

But it does have kind of an interesting texture knit up. I think it would be very nice yarn for a baby garment; it has a slightly bumpy texture and it is very soft. So here is the sock in its first incarnation (now I have not quite re-knit to where it was at this point):

(If anyone notices, a lot of my pictures seem to have the same backdrop. That is because my house is surrounded by trees and there are only like 3 spots in my house where I can get decent enough natural light to take a decent photo.)