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Black Friday Mittens

December 12, 2014

Last year for Christmas, I received the wonderful book Vettlingar frá Vorsabæ, and decided to make some mittens for Siggi, called Stubbur. I tried using some worsted yarn that i had bought at a local sheep farm, but they were too big. (I did use the finished one to clean snow off my car last winter while they were still in my knitting bag).

The day before Thanksgiving, we had snow, and had not yet gotten all the winter things for the kids, so Siggi had no mittens to wear in the snow. These were all done except the sewing the tops up and weaving the ends in (the part I always procrastinate on). So I finished them up in the car on the way to the record store on Black Friday. We always use that day to support local stores, including the record store.


I did make him a pair last year, with Brown Sheep Naturespun instead.



UFO Fimmtudagur

January 17, 2008

My knitting list has a UFO Fimmtudagur (UFO Thursday) announcement every week, so I thought I would dig up an old UFO and work on it today. I’ve been wanting to start new mittens, so I decided I really should finish old ones first.

I think this was an early colourwork project and the stranding wasn’t really good (I don’t think I was even this far when I picked it up) so I ripped it back to where the sheep feet start and started that part over again.

Listening to: The B-52’s

Mice ate my garlic

October 26, 2007

I went to cook supper today and noticed that the leftover garlic that I had in the cabinet from the last time I cooked was gone. Luckily, I had bought more on Wednesday, so I was still able to make dinner. Too bad my cat doesn’t fit in that bottom cabinet to eat the mice.

I am still working on an answer to Sonja’s book meme, so I will post that later.

Last week, I decided to try to give broomstick lace a try, after seeing Hilde’s beautiful work. I think I am using too small of a knitting needle and maybe just not doing it right in general. I’m still trying to decide if it’s an interesting enough texture, or if I should just give up on it and try again with a bigger needle.

In honour of UFO Fimmtadagur, I am thinking about my UFOs. The common theme tends to be something that I am stuck on.
There is the Glampyre sweater that I started the other year which is knit top down, and after starting to work on the sleeves I thought I needed to do more increasing. So I have to sit down and figure that out.
There is the felted bag that I started and need to come up with a pattern to put on it. I thought I had something until I realised it is 68 stitches around and the pattern I wanted is 17 stitches, which doesn’t allow for any space in between the pattern (or too much space). So I have to figure out a different pattern idea to do.
Then there is my nephew’s dinosaur sweater, which is all set to work on the patterning part except I need to find a few more colours of yarn which I can continue. I think one may be still in the bimmer from Rhinebeck, but I have to actually buy 2 colours.
The Queen Anne’s lace gansey socks need to be frogged and redone on smaller needles (do they count as a WIP then?)
And there is the Mystery Stole to block.
(The UFO list is a bit longer, but if I could just complete these batch of things that would be great.)

UFO Fimmtadagur

September 21, 2007

Well, there isn’t much left of Thursday, and I think WordPress thinks it’s Friday, but I figured I’d review some UFOs/WIPs, as I think about the weather changing and longing to wrap things up so I can start new ones:
Felted lunch bag – I was sketching out a design to do on the top of the bag. Have to find the sketch and dig up my lopi odds and ends and finish the darn thing

“Yellow” sweater from Rebecca magazine – Need to find/make swatch and check out how this yarn behaves once washed, and figure out if I am frogging the front of the sweater or not.

Bavarian Rockstar socks – Need to find the finished sock, the yarn, and the now 9 Pony Pearl needles that I have.

Dinosaur lopapeysa (no in process pictures) – Need to buy one more colour of yarn for the yoke and I can’t recall if I need to make the sleeves or if I’ve already done them.

Then of course there is MS3, the corn socks, and the Bergere de France sweater. I worked on the socks on the bus this morning and I am now going to see how much progress I can make on the stole.