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Some Finished Sewing

May 24, 2010

The baby had a real nap the other day (he naps really lightly and often on us), so I actually got some sewing done.

I took an old favorite sweater that had some holes in it and turned the sleeves into a “shorties” diaper cover.


Shorties modelled

I also made a large sandwich taker for my hubby to take his sandwiches to work. The lining is nylon and the outer is cotton quilting fabric. It has a flap that folds down and velcros (I used Aplix) shut. I made it extra large because sometimes he uses homemade bread.

Sandwich holder

Maybe I can get some more sewing projects finished soon. I have some finished knitting to photograph one of these days too, but right now I have a sick baby to tend to. ­čśŽ


Gle├░ileg J├│l

December 25, 2008

All the chaos and business of the last several days has finally died down, so I have a chance to post. We’ve had a nice lazy day today and the kids have been using the computer all day.

Ingi took a picture of the finished dress, but you can’t really see the detail because this camera doesn’t work well with a flash, it needs natural light. So maybe I will post photos of the dress itself later.

The pattern is the Regency Gown from Sense and Sensibility Patterns. She also offers her patterns as e-patterns (PDF downloads).

I made modifications to the pattern based on her instructions to make it a maternity dress, although having worked on it late at night I made a few mistakes, like forgetting to gather the top of the skirt before sewing it to the bodice, so it’s not as nicely fitted as it should be. I also had miscalculated the amount of fabric needed, as well as having bought all the rest of the fabric that was left in this print (so there was no going back for more fabric), which would have still allowed me to have a proper-length dress if I had done the adjustment correctly when cutting out the skirt pieces (since the pattern is designed to fit women of any height)… but one of the pieces was too short when I shortened it, so I ended up with a little too short of a skirt. Finally, I made the buttonholes too small, and had to dig through my buttons to find ones small enough to fit. It all worked out in the end, though.


Here is a picture from the other morning, with the nice snow outside and our Christmas lights showing outside.


Happy Birthday, Peter Tosh

October 20, 2007

Today would have been Peter Tosh‘s birthday. I love listening to the radio, it’s like getting a surprise. However, around me most stations are pop stations that play the same 5 songs, which is nothing like getting a surprise. Today I was running an errand and a university reggae show played a little tribute to Peter Tosh with some old Bob Marley & the Wailers songs and a few of his solo songs. I have the Specials cover of Maga Dog and never heard their version before today, or maybe I did, driving around with a Jamaican friend in high school, but I don’t remember it. The old version is much better.

No interesting knitting photos. More grey sock. More blue stuff (this times sleeves for my nephew’s dinosaur sweater). So I will give a few book reviews instead.
Sew What! Skirts
This book is about the price of a regular sewing pattern. It’s nothing earth-shattering, but it’s a great reference. It dissects the concept of sewing simple skirts (a-line, circle, wrap), and tells you how to measure to draft your own pattern. To me, it’s totally worth it. My mother is a recipe person, so I never really learned to free-form my own sewing patterns too well, unless they were simple shapes. Even with knitting, I don’t know a whole lot about fitting, just things like socks and mittens. I can’t wait to try drafting some skirt patterns.

Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing
I knew I wanted this book. I even got to flip through it in a bookshop. I finally broke down and bought it. I pretty much want to make everything in it. Again, this is a great place to get creative ideas to make things from.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Rhinebeck, after all the annoying things in the morning. Can’t wait!