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Monkeying Around

August 31, 2007

I’ve always been kind of disturbed by monkeys. They freak me out. When I think of monkeys, I think of things like orangutans and baboons and chimpanzees. I’ve seen a few cute monkeys in movies or zoos, you know, the little ones, but for the most part, there is just something creepy about monkeys. So I think that’s one of the reasons I haven’t yet knit Monkey. It’s psychological. Plus it seems that it is an absolutely gorgeous sock, if one has the right yarn. But it doesn’t work with just any yarn.

However, it’s the sock we are knitting in the Truly International Sock KAL. And it’s my turn. I don’t have a lot of selection of stash sock yarn, so I tried my piece with a jacquard yarn. I don’t think the whole sock would work in this type of pattern, but I think it’s OK for the band. Is it? Or should I frog it and try and find something else?

Anyway, I am totally making myself a pair of these socks. The design looks complicated, but when you start the lace pattern, it’s actually quite simple and intuitive. Sure, it’s an 11 stitch repeat, but it makes sense.