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Black Friday Mittens

December 12, 2014

Last year for Christmas, I received the wonderful book Vettlingar frá Vorsabæ, and decided to make some mittens for Siggi, called Stubbur. I tried using some worsted yarn that i had bought at a local sheep farm, but they were too big. (I did use the finished one to clean snow off my car last winter while they were still in my knitting bag).

The day before Thanksgiving, we had snow, and had not yet gotten all the winter things for the kids, so Siggi had no mittens to wear in the snow. These were all done except the sewing the tops up and weaving the ends in (the part I always procrastinate on). So I finished them up in the car on the way to the record store on Black Friday. We always use that day to support local stores, including the record store.


I did make him a pair last year, with Brown Sheep Naturespun instead.



First Finished Object of 2012!

January 21, 2012

I actually finished these on New Years Day. But then I looked at them and thought that I had knit two of the wrong side because both thumbs seemed to be on the left (or is it right?) side. I started knitting mitten #3 and realized I had gone too far without starting the thumb gusset… and then it dawned on me that these aren’t the sort of mittens that have left/right sides. I just needed to shift the mitten around so it looked right! We’ll call that pregnancy brain at work (yes… a new baby is coming in May).

Siggi showed me that they actually were correct when he got out of bed with a bad dream last night.

The mittens are Chicky Feet Mittens from Flying Geese and Partridge Feet. I used Brown Sheep Superwash sport yarn.

Hlýjar Hendur og Fingrar

January 23, 2011

It seems like this winter I have been finishing a lot of things to warm hands and fingers. For Christmas, I finished a pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter that I had started ages ago (pattern from Hlýjar Hendur):

I also made a quick tiger finger puppet for the baby (“pattern” from Knitty):

Then he needed mittens, so I made these ones (also from Hlýjar Hendur):

He started acting like mittens were puppets, so I thought I should make some with faces. I think of these as sheep with floppy ears, but Ingi says they look more like dogs. (Pattern my own design):

These are my first FO of 2011, and also use up stash yarn (leftover from Siggi’s socks, which was also leftover from a sweater I made for my oldest a LONG time ago).


February 15, 2008

I finished my sheep mittens the other day.

Note how the piece that was the UFO is the bottom of the mitten on the left, which is from way back when, when I wasn’t very good at two-colour knitting. The mitten on the right has a much nicer cuff. So my dilemma of course is do I knit a new cuff and cut off the old one and graft it on? On the one side, the cuff should be under the sleeve of my coat, but on the other hand, it does look a little weird. I guess sometimes when you have an old UFO like that, you should just rip it out and start over. It would have been faster for me to do that.

Details: the yarn is Creskeld Jacob yarn, in natural colours from one of my favourite sheep breeds. This is some really great yarn.

I am in the process of trying to fix at least one computer. Ingi’s laptop died, and we thought it was a hard drive, but after an hours-long process of copying files onto a new hard drive (with a really cool tool), it appears to be something else. My Windows desktop also needed a new hard drive, so I put in the new hard drive, but it looks like I need to change out the ribbon cable because it’s not seeing the full size of the hard drive.

Now it’s safe to post

January 21, 2008

I am not sure if the recipient of these mittens reads my blog, so I wasn’t sure about really blogging about them before her birthday. But I am fairly sure she will check the mail when she comes home from holiday before looking at people’s blogs, so now I can show the finished mittens:

The pattern is from Selbustrikk and the yarn is KnitPicks Palette.

We watched a few excellent French movies this weekend:
Ma femme est une actrice, a comedy with Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Serge Gainsbourg) playing an actress named Charlotte with a neurotic husband (played by her real-life husband).

Tous les matins du monde, a historical movie starring Gerard Depardieu, about actual masters of the viola da gamba (they are referenced in the Wikipedia article) from the 17th century and how their lives intertwined. It’s an amazingly poignant movie with some amazing viola da gamba music; the music is done by an expert in ancient music (Jordi Savall) and it’s just brilliantly performed. (This is a really interesting instrument. A friend of mine growing up played it when I was studying violin. I found it so strange compared to what I was doing at the time, but still really fascinating.)