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Cats like swans

September 15, 2007

(I love sentences like that.)

Cats love birds like I love chocolate-covered licorice, and my bird-hunter is no exception, as much as I’d like him to leave those pretty birds along and just go after the mice. Maybe he can sense the Swan Lake theme in Mystery Stole 3:

Or maybe he just wanted to snuggle up after watching the slightly disturbing Perfume, A Story of a Murderer. I was surprised that the movie was just as good as the book. It was incredible how they managed to translate it to screen so well. We were disappointed to not be able to see it in the theatre here (never made it to any of the ones near me). But now we finally got around to seeing it.

I came upon The Tasha Tudor Cookbook in the library the other day, and we tried a few recipes from it last night. Classic New England cooking. I first knew of Tasha Tudor when I had a very cool Christmas book full of songs as a child that she wrote. When I became an adult, I read more about her life and I find her just a fascinating woman. She is the ultimate self-sufficient woman, living alone for a lot of her life, keeping an 1830’s lifestyle as much as possible, making her own cheese and so on. She definitely is a role model of mine. And so far, it’s a pretty good cookbook.