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Dino sweater starts to get interesting

November 8, 2007

I finally got to work on the fun yoke part of my nephew’s dinosaur sweater.

More on the felted bag tomorrow, I plan to sew on the parts today.

I am washing all my handknits today. I don’t machine wash even my socks. Does anyone else let it all pile up and then have a nightmare washing experience?

I’ve been wanting to make a really nice scarf for when we go to Iceland, because I know I will need it. I absolutely HATE making scarves. I have no idea why, they are harmless, but something about them makes me so bored I can’t stand it. I kind of have an anti-scarf-knitting policy, unless it’s for someone special. So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do, when I came upon the new Knitty surprise patterns. I found what I want to make, it’s Juno Regina. Now, the question is if I can knit it and the Christmas knitting I want to do in time.


Doll Pants

October 15, 2007

(for the reference, see the music video here)

I can’t model them on the doll because I don’t have a Baby-Born like my niece. But I made her some pants for her doll from this pattern. (I didn’t quite understand the instructions for the casing, there was an extra instruction that I didn’t get. Any Norwegian speakers want to help me to make sure I didn’t miss anything?)

I am completely exhausted. We went to New York yesterday to see Of Montreal in concert. (If you will be in Iceland for Airwaves, I highly recommend checking them out next week. Or if not, try and catch them, they have a very entertaining stage show). There was a very silly rap band opening for them called Grand Buffet. We didn’t think most of the people got those guys, but they were really funny.

Anyway, I don’t recommend walking from Grand Central Station to Greenwich Village when you have somewhere you actually want to be later (and are therefore walking fast). As a wandering around kind of walk I guess it isn’t bad, if you are used to walking. And I also don’t recommend trying to count on getting a cab, since 5 of them that were empty ignored us. The subway is really not that bad once you figure it out, it’s more confusing than the T in Boston. Besides the show and walking, we didn’t do a whole lot. We went to Bleecker Bob’s record shop, we walked through Washington Square Park, we checked out a flea market, we walked through the farmers’ market (which was very cool but way too crowded–there was yarn and meat and cheese there! I almost bought yarn, but we were focused on getting lunch at the time). I walked past Lush and American Apparel and Strand Books and a really neat looking cinema, IFC Center. Since our trip was all about the show, I didn’t drag the family to yarn/fabric places; besides which, it looks like we are going to Rhinebeck next weekend.

We got home at 4 in the morning and I am still very sleepy, since I had to wake up around 8-ish. And Ingi is trying to quit smoking (it’s the 5th day if my sleepy brain did the math right), so feel free togo give him some encouragement.