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Checking in – stalled WIPs

October 29, 2010

Wow, it sure has been a long time since I posted. I have a few finished things which I have photos of but I have to organise them and post some thoughts. It’s amazing how little time I have for knitting and how even less time I have for doing leisure things on the computer — my computer time has been almost all work until I lost my job last month, and now is almost all applying for jobs or working on a freelance project. Siggi doesn’t like me spending too much time on the computer. I miss visiting all my blog friends, and hope to take a little time to do it.

So I figured I would write a post about the projects that I am stuck on.

Project #1 – Baby Sweater for Siggi
I had bought this yarn for a baby project before he was born, but it just didn’t work with the project I was trying. I decided on the Mock Cable Sweater, because it has a little texture but not too much with the heathered yarn. I knit the back and then when I was dividing for the front, I discovered that I had cast on too few stitches. So do I keep going with the front smaller than the back, or rip out the whole front and start all over again? Too frustrating for words!

Project #2 – Mittens for a gift
These mittens were intended for a gift for one of two people. I seem to be cursed with making mittens that are too small for people – maybe it’s because I have small hands. The pattern is from Hlýjar Hendur. I bought the actual yarn it called for (Kambgarn) and checked my gauge and it looked all right (although the gauge in the book is kind of odd, it is based on a gauge swatch knit in the round and it is not a square, it’s a rectangle, so maybe I misunderstood and measured incorrectly). However, after getting to the place in the mittens where I am, it seems as though they might not fit another person whose hands are not as small as mine. (I tested them on myself). So I am trying to decide if I just go ahead and finish them for myself, or check the recipient’s hand size and see if they could work anyway, or just rip everything out and start over again.

All in all, it’s a very frustrating knitting experience. To make up for it, I am working on a different sweater for Siggi from Prjónablaðið Björk, which will be very cute but I am just starting with the sleeves (easy to not mess up). I have another sweater that I began for him, but it is in a large size and he won’t need it until next year. Maybe that one will make an appearance here soon.