Some Finished Sewing

The baby had a real nap the other day (he naps really lightly and often on us), so I actually got some sewing done.

I took an old favorite sweater that had some holes in it and turned the sleeves into a “shorties” diaper cover.


Shorties modelled

I also made a large sandwich taker for my hubby to take his sandwiches to work. The lining is nylon and the outer is cotton quilting fabric. It has a flap that folds down and velcros (I used Aplix) shut. I made it extra large because sometimes he uses homemade bread.

Sandwich holder

Maybe I can get some more sewing projects finished soon. I have some finished knitting to photograph one of these days too, but right now I have a sick baby to tend to. 😦


3 Responses to “Some Finished Sewing”

  1. Sigurlaug Hjaltad. Says:

    Sniðugar buxur!

  2. Maggan Says:

    Hi Rebecca! It´s been a while since I visited your blog. My pc has crashed and now I´ve borrowed my sons laptop til I get the money to buy a new one to my self. Oh your baby has grown, he´s a big boy now 😉 Hope everything is fine with you all. I will be a grandmother this autumn, my son and his girlfriend is expecting baby. Have a great week! Hugs from Sweden

  3. Lisa Says:

    Hi, Rebecca…I hope you can help me out. I saw a post on your old blog from 2003, I think, and you were working on the Bearly Knits fair isle teddy bear sweater. I have the pattern, but am missing the main color chart and was hoping you might still have that and would share it with me, so I can finish that project.

    Lisa in Montana

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