Tomten – Another EZ FO

I actually started Tomten, another Elizabeth Zimmerman design, before Baby Surprise Jacket, but I finished the latter first because it was part of a knitalong. Both of these cleared out my odds and ends of leftover yarn stash. BSJ used 230 grams of yarn, and Tomten used 168 grams of yarn. So my 2010 stash reduction is 398 grams!

I decided to make Tomten a vest because it was so cute as a vest (and I was running out of the leftover yarn). I knit it too short, so I picked up along the bottom and knit down to make it longer. There’s an advantage of garter stitch! (I seem to be on quite the garter stitch kick lately).

Big brother snapped the pictures with his new digital camera, although it is very hard to catch an active crawler (except maybe when he is sleeping).


4 Responses to “Tomten – Another EZ FO”

  1. Silja Says:

    Your little guy is so cute!!!

  2. Mo'a Says:

    Your little boy looks so cute in his Tomten vest.
    I just spent a week in Berlin Germany with my little Grandchildren. What fun to see the little ones growing so fast.

  3. marit Says:

    Looks gooood!!! He’s adorable!

  4. Sigurlaug Hjaltad. Says:

    Vá, hann er nú svolítið líkur pabba sínum, ekki satt?

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