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Failed Knitting Attempts

January 1, 2010

Hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year’s celebration. We had people over and made a really nice roast pork and chocolate souffle, it was very fun. I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but based on my bad-luck knitting for Siggi, I think I may take one up and that is READ THE PATTERN CAREFULLY BEFORE BEGINNING.

Failure#1: Baby mittens from Hlýjar Hendur

I do this mistake all the time with recipes and patterns, where I skim something and assume that I understand it without reading carefully. In this case, the gauge is not a 10cm square gauge swatch, it is a little tube knit in the round. So when I measured my gauge swatch (I actually did one), since I didn’t have Kambgarn that the pattern called for, I thought I had the right gauge. Then it occured to me that these were REALLY HUGE baby mittens. I re-read the gauge section of the book and realized my mistake. I will be frogging these, using the yarn for a lambhúshetta, and trying again with Dale Baby Ull.

Failure #2: Snowflake Baby Sweater from Farmhouse Yarns

Siggi is wearing 70-80 cm or 12 months size clothes. I figured making the sweater that said 2T-3T for size would be good, because he would be able to wear it later. I didn’t bother to check the finished measurements in the pattern to see what size they corresponded to; I figured the pattern was relatively accurate. (I have noticed that knitting pattern sizes for baby clothes often run small, so a 12 months size is good for a 6 month old baby, but I wasn’t expecting this level of wrongness). I finished the neck and thought I would try it on Siggi before weaving in ends to make sure I made the neck big enough. The opening (without the neckband) wasn’t big enough for his head. I plotted all kinds of ways (like stitching and cutting the neck open) to make the neck bigger. Then I held it up against one of his current sweaters. The sleeves were shorter, the body was shorter, and the body was narrower. It was clearly a sweater for a 6 month old baby, not a 10.5 month old baby and CERTAINLY not a 2 or 3 year old. So I guess I will weave in the ends and put this sweater away for someone who has a baby some time. It’s really sad, because we bought the yarn and pattern together when I was pregnant (but I decided not to make this sweater back then because the smallest size on the pattern was so large).

Next time I will confirm with one of these size charts:
Craft Yarn Council
Fiber Gypsy
Bev’s Country Cottage

When I have some time, I am going to measure some of his ready-to-wear sweaters and see how the sizes measure up on these size charts. Certainly, a finished garment of 23 inches chest size and 6 1/2 inches sleeve length does not correspond to 2T. I think the Fiber Gypsy link seems most accurate; it would put him at 24-26 inches finished garment chest size and 7 1/2 inches sleeve length.

At least Kristín frænka made him a really nice lopapeysa, so he still got a handmade sweater for Christmas.