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Fun shopping in Iceland

October 21, 2009

I haven’t had much knitting time. Siggi likes to be held a lot, so between work and housework, I get little time with my hands. I have been working on a sweater for him and I’ll try to post the progress photos soon.

We just got back from a too-short trip to Iceland visiting friends and relatives. I wanted to go to the knitting night there but we had just arrived, so after dinner and visiting it was too late to go out.

One of the stops we always make is to the bookstore, so I got two great books on sale:

Hlýjar hendur, a book of 53 mitten patterns in all sizes. There are some cute ones I want to make for Siggi, and some skull fingerless gloves to make for one of the teens for Christmas. Really, I think I’d be happy making all of the mittens in this book at some point, so it’s a perfect book for me. I love mittens. I wanted to get some kambgarn for the mittens while I was there, but the only day we really had to go wandering around was Sunday and nothing is open, and the yarn store near Ingi’s parents doesn’t carry it.

The other great find was Einföld barnaföt fyrir 1-4. This is a translation of a Danish sewing book (Sådan syr du-Børnetøj 1-4 år) that I had been thinking of getting, because it is a collection of basic patterns for children from ages 1-4. It was exactly perfectly what I was looking for. It has patterns for jeans, pyjamas, a button-down shirt, some really nice jackets, and even patterns for making small clothes out of big ones (sweaters and ties).

We also got to watch a fun video, Män som hatar kvinnor. We wanted to go see the sequel in the theatre (I’ve read the first two books), but the timing didn’t work. We were about to go out to the movie rental when we found out my mother-in-law had already bought the movie, so we just watched that. It’s a good thing because it hasn’t come out here yet, so who knows when we’d be able to see it.