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April 22, 2009

This has been sitting in my knitting bag waiting for buttons and crocheted button loops since Siggi was born. Úps. I figured with all that work, I should finish it up. It’s hard to get hand sewing time, but we took a ride in the car so I was able to get it done.

It fits him perfectly now. He just had his 2 month checkup and is 11 lbs. 7 oz (5.2 kg.) and 23.5 inches long (58.75 cm). It would have been fine on him as a newborn too; we could have just rolled up the sleeves. It’s perfect for the weather we’ve been having to wear outside when it’s kind of warm.

The colour is more of a dark blue-green but the flash photo doesn’t do it justice. The bottom photo is a little closer. I am really pleased with how it came out; it makes me want to make another. Maybe for the next baby gift I have to give.

One issue: in a moment of pregnancy fogginess, I convinced myself that there was an error in the pattern and I should knit the chart the opposite way. It made total sense to me at the time. Then when I finished the front I realised it was just me and the big rose was suppposed to be in the centre, not the way I have it. Oh well, I still like it.


Design Flaw

April 8, 2009

When I was pregnant, I started a baby sweater of my own design. I used Knitting in the Old Way to get the percentages of when to decrease, and used “standard baby measurements” to get the size figured out.

Now that I have a model (underarms are not seamed and ends not woven in), I discovered that I made the ribbing WAY too small. I think the sweater itself is an OK size. So now my dilemma is how to fix it. I am thinking of cutting it and redoing the bottom and then grafting it onto the existing knitting. I’d hate to rip the whole thing out. Thoughts?