Back To Work

Well, due to the American lack of a decent family leave policy, I start back at work tomorow, but at least I can work from home all week. It’s kind of overwhelming. Siggi has just gotten to the point where he doesn’t nurse constantly, I actually get some time to take a shower or maybe even cook food. Ingi will be working all week too so it will be the first week where I am on my own all day and then I have to work on top of it. At least we don’t have to worry about trying him on bottles yet.

It’s funny that the latest knitting project that I started is getting the most use. Siggi has been wearing this hat almost every day. The other hat that I knit I didn’t secure the ties very well and now I have to figure out how to sew the one that broke back on.

The pattern is Baby Domino Bonnet by Lucy Neatby. It was a really fun knit and you can buy the electronic pattern online. I used this and that leftover sock yarn. I went with gender neutrals, but I had a lot of blues, which I guess came in handy since I have the boy. (I figured blues were safe for a girl but pinks were not really safe for a boy, so I didn’t use the pinks). I didn’t think to knit in the ends as Vivian Hoxbro teaches in Domino Knitting until partway through, or I could have made the whole thing without weaving almost any ends in. I still didn’t have so many to weave in.

My mother bought me a Maya Wrap sling for my birthday, which has been a lifesaver. I am actually able to get things done while holding Siggi now. Plus, it is good for when he is crabby and tired but can’t fall asleep, I walked around with him in the sling tonight and he fell asleep.


3 Responses to “Back To Work”

  1. Harpa J Says:

    En sætur hattur!
    Gangi þér vel í vinnunni, ég skil vel að þér finnist það erfitt, hann virkar voða lítill.

  2. Marit Says:

    Good-looking boys;-)
    The hat is very cute. Too bad you have to go back to work already. Take care.

  3. HildeC Says:

    It’s a really sweet hat.
    It’s a pity you have to go back to work already. There really are some great differences in family leave policy around the world.

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