Tuesday night I woke up with pretty regular contractions, 5 minutes apart, but not all that strong. They kept going, and kept going, and kept going, and we got up and cleaned the house and I made yogurt (because I thought it might be nice to have for the labour)… the contractions were still going steady. They kept going at that pace for the rest of Wednesday but not getting any closer together or any stronger… so we went to bed early and when I got up Thursday morning, the contractions had gone away for a while, and then came back sporadically. So we took things fairly easy, went to the mall for a while (to get some walking in, to try to get things going)… stayed until I was pretty tired, came home and had supper and watched a documentary while I worked on finishing up a few things (one the knitting is done and the ends are not weaved, the other is below), and then went to bed.

Today the contractions are stronger, they were really erratic before, I am not sure how they are doing now, but this has been a long prodromal labour and so I don’t want to get any hopes up. So anyone reading this will have to sit on the edge of their seat, same as we are doing here. 😉

I made kjötsúpa for supper and did some work to take my mind off things.

These mittens were sitting in my bag for months waiting for strings, so I finished the strings last night. The pattern is from some 1960’s knitting book that I found at a church sale, and the yarn is the same yarn from the hat I posted the other day.

Maybe the baby was just afraid of having cold hands and waiting for me to finish them. I can always hope, right?


3 Responses to “Stalled”

  1. Silja Says:

    I know what you are going through! With my daughter I was in labour for almost 3 days with the same type of contractions you describe. And with my son it only took 6 hours from start to finish 🙂
    I am crossing my fingers it will be all over soon and that you have your baby in your arms!!!

  2. Maggan Says:

    I hope you´ll have your baby soon. I don´t have that experience my self. When the twins where born it took about 3 hours from I woke up with contractions til they where born. My midwife told me that I was born to have children 😉 Take care! Oh, and by the way, in Swedish we make “köttsoppa” wich I presume is the same thing as kjötsúpa 😉

  3. Sarah Says:

    Take care of yourself, and get rest WHENEVER you can. Prodromal labor is not easy, but it can be done! I’ve had a prodromal labor that lasted a couple days and one that went off and on for almost a month (and the last one, I just paid no mind to!). It’s a tough journey, but well worth it!

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