Small update

I have gone to the chiropractor for the last 4 days, she has been doing a special technique called the Webster technique to help the baby turn. She said I was really out of alignment, and have been getting a lot better. I also went to an acupuncturist who did moxibustion which is supposed to help the baby to turn. The baby moved around a LOT after the first day.

On my last midwife visit, it seemed pretty definite that the baby was back in the proper position, so we’ll check again next week and try another sonogram to be sure. But things are looking good (fingers crossed).

I am still working on my baby bunting and I have a few already knitted things that need some finishing work. I started a baby hat on the bus (because the bunting doesn’t fit in my laptop bag), and I hope I can get these things all done so I can start a knit-along with my knitting list to make the Danish crown prince blanket (I don’t really want to start it until I get these things finished, but I can’t wait to make it).

Oh, and we have all of our supplies, and the crib is put together (other than no sheets so the cat doesn’t sleep in it), and we have a car seat… so we are ready whenever this baby comes.


One Response to “Small update”

  1. Silja Says:

    Crossing my fingers here that the baby has turned! The danish crown prince blansket is really lovely!

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