It takes a plate of spaghetti for the bitterest of enemies to be able to overcome their differences.


Friday night, the kids and I were grocery shopping and we had Ingi’s BMW, because he had taken my car to work. It decided on the way back from the store that it was all done with the clutch and it was a good time for it to die. I ended up stuck on a major road in not-quite-first-gear, so I couldn’t really go anywhere. Luckily, some guy who was hard up for gas money came along and helped push the car into a spot where we could sit and wait for the roadside assistance to come (and I gave him some money for gas).

Now this morning, our well stopped working. Well, there was no water, but the pump was running, so we shut off the electricity on the pump. Then Ingi tried turning it back on, and we had water, but the pump only goes up to 20 PSI and keeps running and running and running (it should be at about 50). So there is something horribly wrong with it and it could be very expensive to have it fixed. I’ll know more tomorrow when the guy comes to look at it.


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