Santa Claws

The air is getting colder, Wal-Mart is playing Christmas music, and Santa Claws came down my chimney Sunday morning. Ingi saw this little squirrel clinging to the living room wall (I couldn’t find the camera Sunday). When he tried to catch it in a box, it ran around the living room and up the chimney again. A few hours later, the dog was chasing something, so I went into the living room and saw it clinging to the curtains. The dog jumped, and it ran around and up the chimney again. Later in the evening, we decided to have a fire, figuring the smoke would scare him away anyway. The squirrel jumps down, steps on the hot coals like someone out of a cartoon, jumps out of the fireplace and onto the living room floor, runs in a circle and then jumps back up the chimney again.

We decided to put a catch-and-release trap with an apple inside in front of the fireplace.


We may need to put the trap back in the house until the stove guy installs our new wood stove.


One Response to “Santa Claws”

  1. HildeC Says:

    Poor soul, he must have been incredibly frightened. I hope everything is well now 🙂

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