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November 25, 2008

It takes a plate of spaghetti for the bitterest of enemies to be able to overcome their differences.


Friday night, the kids and I were grocery shopping and we had Ingi’s BMW, because he had taken my car to work. It decided on the way back from the store that it was all done with the clutch and it was a good time for it to die. I ended up stuck on a major road in not-quite-first-gear, so I couldn’t really go anywhere. Luckily, some guy who was hard up for gas money came along and helped push the car into a spot where we could sit and wait for the roadside assistance to come (and I gave him some money for gas).

Now this morning, our well stopped working. Well, there was no water, but the pump was running, so we shut off the electricity on the pump. Then Ingi tried turning it back on, and we had water, but the pump only goes up to 20 PSI and keeps running and running and running (it should be at about 50). So there is something horribly wrong with it and it could be very expensive to have it fixed. I’ll know more tomorrow when the guy comes to look at it.


Working away

November 20, 2008

I haven’t posted in ages… I’ve been really busy cooking (including making goat’s milk mozzarella and cream cheese and many loaves of spelt bread)… having a special diet really makes you take a lot more time cooking, because most processed foods are not able to be eaten, even some mustard and ketchup!

I have had some knitting time, but it’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I come home, and my camera doesn’t work well without natural light, so I don’t have many fun knitting pictures to post. I had a checkup today with the midwife (everything is going well, although I haven’t gained very much weight) so I was working at home and could take a picture of one of my in-progress projects:

Ingi is busy too. We are trying to get the living room done before Thanksgiving next week, since we are having company (more cooking!). Not sure if that will happen, but at least it looks like a wall and not a big hole anymore.

The joint compound goes on pink and dries white. This would have been really handy when my sister was helping me paint the dining room and we used joint compound to cover the wallpaper-covered plaster wall… it seemed dry until we tried to paint it and made a mess out of it.

I am happy to say our squirrel friend has not come back into the house. I think he’s one of the guys that steals things out of my compost bucket on the back porch. I’ve started leaving old bread and cakes on the porch railing so that they won’t dig in the compost for them.

Santa Claws

November 3, 2008

The air is getting colder, Wal-Mart is playing Christmas music, and Santa Claws came down my chimney Sunday morning. Ingi saw this little squirrel clinging to the living room wall (I couldn’t find the camera Sunday). When he tried to catch it in a box, it ran around the living room and up the chimney again. A few hours later, the dog was chasing something, so I went into the living room and saw it clinging to the curtains. The dog jumped, and it ran around and up the chimney again. Later in the evening, we decided to have a fire, figuring the smoke would scare him away anyway. The squirrel jumps down, steps on the hot coals like someone out of a cartoon, jumps out of the fireplace and onto the living room floor, runs in a circle and then jumps back up the chimney again.

We decided to put a catch-and-release trap with an apple inside in front of the fireplace.


We may need to put the trap back in the house until the stove guy installs our new wood stove.