Stalking the dangerous leeks

I pulled the leeks out of my garden because frost is beginning to become a regular thing and they were looking like they weren’t liking it all that well.  They may have been able to handle it outside a little longer, but I wanted to grab them just in case.  (So now I have to figure out what to do with all these leeks).

I was standing at the kitchen counter, cutting the “hairy” root ends off and rinsing the dirt off, when my 15 year-old cat decided that dangling leek leaves were very exciting to hunt.  He was amused for about 5 minutes by trying to attack the leek leaves that were hanging down.

I have really been knitting, but I don’t have any good pictures to share.  My free time has been spent cooking.  Even my not so free time.  I went to a naturopath last Friday and she wants me off of: wheat, coffee, peanuts, eggs, sugar, dairy.  It is amazing how many foods have these things in them.  So I am baking spelt bread, muffins, making granola, and trying to come up with interesting meals that are easy to make on a work night and don’t have any of the “forbidden foods” in them.  (Friday night, we had homemade pizza with real cheese, I figured I’d wait until Saturday.  This week I will be making spelt crust and using goat cheese, because goat milk is OK.)  I actually started a separate food blog, partly just so I can track what I am making and what is working for me.  I have to do this for the next month and then I go back to see her and then I guess we figure it out from there.  I am very lucky that my neighbour has milk goats, so I will be able to make my own yogurt and cheese (I think I might do goat milk mozzarella for next week).


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