Saving the blanket

A few years ago, I started this baby blanket for a friend, but ran into trouble so I never gave it to her.

I ran out of yarn (it is knit from the edging up). So it’s a long, skinny baby blanket. (I probably shouldn’t have made it so wide). It is a really annoying stitch pattern, so it was a lot of work, and I’d hate to rip it out. So here are my choices:
Finish it off as-is and have a long, skinny baby blanket (probably not a very good choice)

Make another piece in the same stitch pattern, different colour yarn (I don’t love that choice because this stitch pattern involves knitting 3 stitches together, but so far I think it’s the best option)

Make another piece in a different stitch pattern, different yarn

Any other creative ideas on how to save this baby blanket? I don’t think finding the same colour yarn will work, since it was a closeout so I am sure that dye lot is long since gone.

Yesterday, we went to Rhinebeck. Once again, it was a mad dash through to see everything, because once again, it is soccer season and B didn’t have an early game. Also, I really need clothes now that it is getting cold, so we made a detour on the way to a used clothing store that has maternity clothes. I keep thinking one year we will go and stay over and have a leisurely trip through the fair, and actually be able to see people that I know there.

The only yarn I bought was for baby projects. I bought some nice DK-weight Icelandic sheep yarn from Frelsi Farm. We got chatting with the owner and she is very nice, she said they have Icelandic chickens so we are really excited about buying some chickens from her at some point. I bought some other yarn in different colours for a baby bunting, which I can’t wait to start. (I had wanted to buy yarn for it in Maine, but the yarn shop that used to be in the town we stayed was no longer there).


2 Responses to “Saving the blanket”

  1. Manon Says:

    In antoher pattern if you wish, you can continue with band 2/3 of the other half in one colour, one pattern and the other 1/3 of the half in another colour, another pattern. Going into lighter shades of same colour could work.

  2. Maggan Says:

    Oh may, It really is a long time since I visited you *shame*
    How are you doing? And how´s the “big” (I guess) tummy?
    Hope everything is alright! I love Elsbeth Lavolds patterns! I have all of her Viking Knits books and have knitted several of her designs from it.
    The baby cardigan will be great!
    Maggan in Sweden

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