Viking Cables and Renaissance Faires

We went to a Renaissance fair on Saturday. I’ve never been to one of those, and it was sort of fun. The food was actually really good, and we got to watch a really funny comedian. I decided that I am too big of a geek to really enjoy these things, though. (There was a very timely episode of Big Bang Theory about this the other week). I can’t help being horribly disturbed by the use of polyester in the costumes, or the fact that everyone was wearing period-inaccurate costumes for Renaissance times (yes, there really were jokes about this on that show too). We did not wear costumes (I actually own a Renaissance dress, fairly authentic except for the use of hook and eyes here and there, that I made for my brother’s wedding several years back, but I doubt it would fit right now). When we got back, I was completely wiped out.

Tonight I am completely wiped out too, I was going to sew some pants while Ingi is working and B is not home for the evening, and I am just being lazy and surfing the internet and trying to get energy from a cup of decaf coffee. I don’t really even have energy to surf the internet. I hope this is not a sign of things to come and that I just have a sleepy day. I’m not ready for the no energy part of pregnancy to kick in again, I was enjoying that second trimester having energy thing. And hey, I have another month of it, so can’t I have energy for another month still? Maybe I will try doing some yoga exercises.

I decided I really want to make a Viking cable sweater for the baby, and I found Elsebeth Lavold’s Ymer pattern. I was going to buy the requested yarn, but the store didn’t have any colours I liked, and I had some stash yarn in the right weight. However, the yarn I was trying is kind of heathered, and I don’t think the cables are going to show up. The swatch in the photo has a cable on the left edge… do you think it will get better as I go along, or should I quit while I am ahead and try to find some new yarn?


2 Responses to “Viking Cables and Renaissance Faires”

  1. HildeC Says:

    I think it is difficult to see the cable. I think I probably would have used another yarn. I hope your energy level will be better soon 🙂

  2. Marit Says:

    The yarn is beutiful- but I agree with Hilde, use it for another project.
    I’ll get the sheep-pattern ready soon:-)
    Take care.

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