Black Bean Brownies, or why I can still listen to the radio

On the public radio station near me, there is a cooking show. I know that the idea of a cooking show on the radio is hard to believe, but it actually works somehow. The other day, the host was interviewing the author of the cookbook Baking with Agave Nectar. She was raving about black bean brownies, one of the recipes from the cookbook which the author had brought in a sample of. Being pregnant, I am supposed to eat a lot of protein. There have been studies to prove that eating a lot of protein can prevent pre-eclampsia, and it’s just generally a good thing anyway. Also, I have a tendency to get low blood sugar (which makes agave nectar a good choice for a sweetener). So I was intrigued by this recipe and had to try it.

Ingi told me if the brownies were disgusting, then I wasn’t allowed to listen to that radio station again, since it was tempting me into trying new recipes and cookbooks. 😉 Well, luckily, they actually were quite good. I suppose it isn’t all that odd, the Japanese and Chinese use beans in desserts all the time, including ice cream! The beans are pureed, so you don’t have a bean texture or anything, and the key (as the recipe says) is to eat the brownies cold (one of the few things you don’t want to eat when it comes right out of the oven).

I look forward to getting the cookbook and trying some of the other recipes.

In other media-related news, we watched some great films over the last few weeks which we stumbled upon at the library. I can see both getting remade horribly into bad American films. The first is Buddy, a great Norwegian comedy with a sweet story. And the other is The Memory of a Killer (a horrible translation of the title), an amazing action/drama from Belgium. It’s really interesting to watch Belgian movies; they switch back and forth between French and Dutch mid-conversation. So I can understand about half (thank goodness for subtitles). Both of these are really good movies, I highly recommend them.


One Response to “Black Bean Brownies, or why I can still listen to the radio”

  1. Deb Schiff Says:

    I make beany brownies pretty frequently. You can’t taste the beans at all.

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