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August 22, 2008

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! Everything is going well, we disappeared for a while because we went on vacation in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

My mother-in-law and Ingi’s niece came with us, and it was absolutely wonderful. We rented a house there in walking distance of downtown, we had lovely weather (it only rained once), the kids kept us busy the whole time, and we made my mother-in-law’s lobster soup with Maine lobster. (We are now lobster cooking/opening experts).

We also had a very surreal experience at a restaurant that seemed to be stuck in the 1960’s (with the exception of a Casio keyboard inserted into a poor unsuspecting grand piano). We stopped at a restaurant that was built out of an old tugboat, and the upper dining area was full. “You can wait for 20 minutes, or go sit downstairs,” said the hostess. We decided that downstairs would be just fine…. until after our order was taken. An overly made up older blonde woman in a hot pink dress came in and sat at the grand piano-turned-Casio, and began playing a bossanova medly including The Girl From Ipanema that sounded a bit like the Casio demo mode. We kept trying not to laugh, which was difficult when we looked at one another and tears were coming out of our eyes. “At least she isn’t singing,” one of us said, and then she began to sing, too. Ingi decided she had spent money on every sound in that Casio and she wanted to get use out of each one. Saxophones, horns, marimbas, and many other instruments peppered the mix of moldy songs overwrought with solos. The high point was when she played a song about suicide (“Starry, Starry Night”) to a couple, which made us wonder if the experience was driving anyone to consider it. The whole evening made us feel like we were stuck in a David Lynch movie (including a trip to the less-popular ice cream parlor in town, where the middle-aged cashier was reading War and Peace).



August 7, 2008

It’s been too crazy busy around here to post, but I figured I’d post my news. I’m pregnant (due in February). We had a little bit of a scare last week where the midwife at the doctor’s office couldn’t hear the heartbeat. This should have been handled like, “Oh, your uterus is tipped back, so this is common. We’ll just wait.” However, she was trying to push an ultrasound, so she said, “You really should get an ultrasound ASAP.” This made me completely nervous, and then the office wanted to wait a week for the appointment. Finally, Ingi called and they were able to see me the next day. Everything was perfectly normal. We think they just wanted the extra money from the insurance. I wasn’t even going to have an ultrasound at all, so it pisses me off.

There has been some knitting, but lots of pieces that need blocking and seaming and aren’t very interesting to photograph. Some sewing, although I haven’t been able to get a photo of anything. And lots of cursing at my sewing machine (it seems to have developed a habit of sucking in any stretch fabric and getting it stuck).

I started a project from Rósaleppaprjón í nýju ljósi. I am a little confused by the intarsia. When the pattern shifts several stitches to the right, I am not sure of the proper way to carry the yarn. Do you bring it ahead in the previous row in anticipation? Anyway, I’m sure I will figure something out.