Sewn gifts

A friend is having a baby and I have not had any energy/motivation to knit her something. So I actually bought a gift. I couldn’t let it go without something homemade, so I whipped together a couple of bibs.

They were super easy and fun to make. The pattern is from Bend the Rules Sewing. And I can guarantee they are completely 100% lead-free.

My only complaint is that I have is with the Dritz snaps I used. I have only used Snap Source ones before, and those are foolproof. The Dritz snaps are junk. I broke 3 snaps trying to get them set. Then one went in crooked and I have to pry it out (you can’t really tell in the picture). I guess it’s a good thing I made her two bibs, because depending on how it is getting that snap out, I may end up ruining one of them.

I am on a sewing kick lately (well, a cutting-out and planning kick, this is the only thing that has actually gotten sewn yet). So expect to see some more sewing in the future.



One Response to “Sewn gifts”

  1. HildeC Says:

    That’s a great gift – and I look forward to seeing your future serwing projects 🙂

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