Stalking the elusive husband

I finished the Cobblestone Pullover, but between Ingi and I both working late and the weather turning warm (I am very proud at bringing this nice warm weather by finishing that sweater ;)), I have not been able to photograph the finished sweater on. Hopefully this weekend we will have a chance.

It’s amazing what Google can tell you. I picked up an old project when I finished Ingi’s sweater, the wrap sweater from an old Rebecca magazine (I forget which number, 20-something).

I decided to Google my old blog to see if I could remember when I started it. I remember working on it on the plane to Iceland at some point. So I found an entry from August 2005 where I finished the back of the sweater, which I started on the plane to Iceland earlier in the month. Then I found another entry from June 2006 where I took said project on the plane to Iceland (but I ended up knitting Jaywalkers instead).

So yeah, it’s pretty sad that this quick and easy project has just been hanging out waited to be knit for almost 3 years. I think my excuse is that the mohair yarn is kind of a pain if you make a mistake and need to take out stitches. In fact, I ripped out the entire front piece I was working on, thinking I did it wrong, and then as I cast it on again, I realised I had indeed done it right in the first place. Arg. I guess it was annoying enough 2 years ago that it traumatized me from wanting to work on the project. And the fuzzy yarn seems to make my eyes itch… I think little fuzzy bits float off into my eyes. (Or maybe it’s just dusty because it’s been sitting for SO LONG!)


One Response to “Stalking the elusive husband”

  1. HildeC Says:

    I know the feeling of how the motivation just disappear when you have to rip something. It looks like a beautiful pattern. So it’s you that is responsible for the fact that the sun is shining from a clear blue sky right now? I’ll remember to tell you when I need sun 😉

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