Not-quite 101 Birthday Yarn Ideas

Now that I have all this fun yarn, I have to figure out what to do with it.

I actually started using the Hjertegarn, I am making the last round’s socks (Big Basin Socks) from Six Sox Knitalong. I was going to show a picture of the socks in progress, but it’s too cloudy and the purple yarn just comes out looking like mud. I’ll take a picture when there is more sun.

I am trying to figure out something for that cool Lorna’s Laces Shepherd’s Worsted yarn. There is a kind of cute little bag here from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, so I borrowed the book from the library. I could also make the Broken Rib socks on p.138 of the book.

With the 2 skeins of Drops Alpaca, I could make Guilty Pleasures Socks (from p.88 of the book), or I could make socks from Garnstudio’s site, or crocheted Mary Jane slippers if I am feeling very daring.

With the 3 skeins of Rowan Kid Classic, I could make the Simple Mistake Rib Vest (from p.103 of the book).

With the 2 skeins of Sandesgarn Kitty, I could make the Garter Stitch Loop scarf (p. 90) and the Lacy Beanie (p. 94), or I could make Tiers-of-Waves Beaded Scarf (p. 118), which would let me play with beaded knitting. Or I could make Helleboros

And of course, the yarn from Sonja, I think I will just use her siggestion of Branching Out, since it’s the exact yarn from the pattern and everything.

Any other ideas? Votes? Although I am going to finish something in process before starting something new, but it’s fun to plan.


4 Responses to “Not-quite 101 Birthday Yarn Ideas”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Glad to see you´re having fun with the bday yarn 🙂

  2. Kate Says:

    I would say that you start all of it, he he.
    You know me and socks, so I’d go for the Drops-socks.

  3. Maggan Says:

    Thank´s for the tips on the book!! There was a lot of lovely patterns in it (from what I saw on I haven´t knitted the Big Basin socks (I´m also in Six Sox KAL), I´ve had my hands on the Slippery socks, but I´d love to see yours when the light is right for taking photos 😉

  4. Sonja Says:

    That book (101 designer …) seems to have a lot of good ideas for small amount of yarn.

    I love that Helleboro!

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