Gleðilega Páska

Garnstudio had some great Easter decoration patterns, and I couldn’t help knitting a few Easter eggs:

One of my friends is from Sweden and she always did great Easter tree decorations. I thought it was so fun, maybe next year I will make some more eggs.

We also dyed some brown eggs, experimenting with some different techniques.

The beautiful blue on the left is from red cabbage. About 4 or so cups chopped red cabbage and a tablespoon of vinegar, simmer in a litre of water for a half an hour, then put the boiled eggs in the liquid (strain out the cabbage) and let them sit in the fridge overnight. The one on top we used a rubber band to make a stripe.

The second one from the left in the front is the same technique but with spinach. Not as interesting a colour. Then the other blue, green, and red ones were food colouring, vinegar, and water. We tried a marbling technique on some by adding a few teaspoons of vegetable oil to the dye. They weren’t that interesting patterns, but the third from the left in the front row we spooned over with leftover bits of all the dyes with oil mixed in and that one came out really neat.

I have to go spice my lamb now or we won’t be eating dinner tonight.


4 Responses to “Gleðilega Páska”

  1. Maggan Says:

    The knitted eggs looks great!! Yes, here in Sweden we use to have a lot of eggs, rabbits, hens and witches hanging in our branches for easter.
    I haven´t made any my self but my sister loves knitting those small cute things. And the colored eggs looks wonderful too. I haven´t colored eggs for years now!! Maybe next year 😉
    Have a nice Easter day! Hugs!

  2. HildeC Says:

    Knitting Easter eggs sounds like fun, and they look good. The colours on the dyed eggs are wonderful. I’ve tried it once, but my eggs ended up really bland and boring, and not as colourful as yours 😀

  3. Beth S. Says:

    The knitted easter eggs are adorable. Very clever use for bits of sock yarn. 🙂

  4. Helene Says:

    Great egs! What did you use for the green ones?

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