I’m down with OPK

The good news: the mittens actually made it to Iceland (I was a little worried when they had not yet gotten there yesterday). The bad news: my sister-in-law’s hands are bigger than mine (which I did not expect because she is shorter than me). The good news: my niece loves her new mittens. 😉 The good news: I have an excuse to make new mittens. (I am hoping she will go for a slightly different pattern, since there were some really cool designs in Hugur og Hönd that I wanted to try anyway).

So now it means that pretty much everything I am working on currently is Other People’s Knitting. I resigned myself to putting aside Juno Regina for a bit, so below I have a sock for Ingi (it was misplaced and then found again), a sleeve for a sweater for him, and a doll sweater for my niece. And the second sheep mitten, since it’s nice to work on at least one thing for myself.

I’m thinking, maybe the way to get through all these projects for other people is to allow myself to work on one thing for myself, but it has to be a UFO. So maybe when the sheep mitten is done I can go find something else to finish. But when I finish Ingi’s sweater, I am definitely starting one for myself. (And I keep coming up with more ideas for other people, like I want to make the Poetry Mittens from Piecework for my mother for Christmas, and Ingi wants a new hat, probably will need one for next winter, but these things can wait for summer I think).

Monday was B’s birthday and of course my kids have the challenging cake requests. The husband is easy, he likes carrot cake and I have The Best recipe for that. And I usually like chocolate cake, which I can make in my sleep and often default to my grandmother’s recipe, or I experiment with something fun that I find in a magazine (one year it was raspberry filled cupcakes). But B asked for a yellow cake. Up until now, every yellow cake I have tried has been dry and flat and just awful. I don’t know why they are so hard for me. Anyway, this recipe claims to be the best yellow cake the submitter has tasted, and I have to agree. (If someone wants a translation let me know). I made a double recipe, and put custard in the middle, and then ended up making a vanilla buttercream frosting (there was some confusion from the child about whether or not he wanted whipped cream or frosting, and then after I thought I had it sorted out, he asked where the whipped cream was as I frosted the cake. Kids. He got over it.)


4 Responses to “I’m down with OPK”

  1. Beth S. Says:

    Still loving the sheepy mitts. 🙂

  2. Sigga Sif Says:

    Hooray for sjónvarpskaka! It’s my favorite, and I make it very often. I haven’t had any trouble with recipes, I got one from my mom and it hasn’t caused any trouble yet. But I found that doubling the kókosmjöl topping is absolutely necessary 🙂

    The sheepy mittens are so great!

  3. Silja Says:

    See! I am finally commenting! Ar you from iceland or do you just have relatives there?

  4. HildeC Says:

    I’ve never seen anything like the Poetry mittens before, they are really something. I’m sure they will be a great present for your mother 🙂

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