I’m really not under a rock

Somehow it’s just been crazy busy, between unpacking from our trip, and working, and I haven’t had any time to post.

I’ve been working on Juno Regina, although it is put aside temporarily while I finish things with deadlines:

When we first got snow, I saw pinkish-purple spots in the snow, kind of like in Cat in the Hat Comes Back. I was puzzling over it… why is the snow pink? Then I saw a quite a few spots under the above tree (I am not sure what kind of tree it is, anyone know?) and it dawned on me… the birds were eating the berries and then dropping pink stuff into the snow! I don’t think we’ve had berries on that tree so late before, because I can’t recall this happening before. Or the birds stayed around late because it had stayed so warm so long.

Before we went on vacation, I read Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story by Leonie Swann. It was hilarious. I was going to read it on the plane, but I couldn’t help finishing it. All knitters should read this one. 😉


One Response to “I’m really not under a rock”

  1. Maggan Says:

    That looks geourgeos !! It´s on my todo-list but haven´t come further than that yet…. I giggled a lot when I read about the pink snow though…. Imagine the winter pink instead of white 😉 I could have pink snow too if I only could get some little snow here!!! It´s just damp, rainy and grey! Hate it!!

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