I found my needle

I lost one of the needles from the black-and-white project that I posted a teaser of the other day. (When I have time and it’s light out, I will post another picture). I ended up just buying a new set of needles that were slightly larger which were better anyway. Anyway, I was adjusting the cushions on the sofa today and found this sticking out of one.

Bent needle

We’ve seen some great movies lately. This weekend while we were having a nasty “wintry mix” storm we went to the theatre to see No Country for Old Men. Insane movie. Kind of bloody (like I had to look away icky) but a really intense movie. It’s been getting a lot of acclaim and it’s the Coen brothers but I really went because Ingi wanted to see it. But it was a lot better than I even expected.

On the other side of the spectrum, my local library just got in Cool and Crazy (Heftig og begeistret), which is a documentary about a men’s choir in Berlevåg, Norway. It was a really fun documentary, and I think Ingi put it best when it’s more of a commentary on humanity than anything else. (Plus, in the movie they show a guy peeling potatoes before boiling them so now he knows I am not the only person in the world that does this!! ;))

We also continued our dogme movie-watching trend (thanks to his bandmate who loaned us all these movies) and saw Italiensk for begyndere, which is really a cute movie.

So here I’ve been having Christmas stress (cookie baking and seaming sweaters and shopping and all), and watching movies and knitting and working and that’s about it.


2 Responses to “I found my needle”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Wasn’t “Sugar” was’t the creepiest bad guy you’ve seen in a movie in like, forever? Even though he is only an actor, if I saw that dude walking down the street I would so turn the other way. Real quick like!

    Congrats on locating your MIA needle. Hopefully you can bend it back into proper shape.

  2. Maggan Says:

    Oh I´ve been so terrible behind in visiting my friends blogs….. shame on me!!! Can one blame the pre-christmas spirit?? I´ve pretty much done the same things that you´ve done.. baking, knitting, cooking, and some cleaning up… lol!
    Have a joyful holiday my friend!!!

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