Belgian King Eats Donuts

The other day on the way home on the bus, I found a game that was as good as Telephone, and that is “try to read the headlines on the newspaper from the person sitting 5 rows ahead of you.” I still have no idea what the headline really was supposed to be, but the title is what I saw. It’s an especially fun game when one is nearsighted.

I finished K’s curtains last week:

This is what happens when you let a 14 year old decide the colours of her room…grey with red trim. We took the masking tape with the red paint on it from painting the windows to the $1.99/yard fabric store for her to pick out something she liked and that went with the room, and this fabric was just perfect.

Then we had her birthday party yesterday. She always asks for marble cake, and I never have a really good recipe, so I keep trying to find a better one every year. Friday night I tried one recipe and the cake came out too flat. Then I tried a recipe in a round cake pan, and the cake came out so tall that by the time it was cooked through, the outside was hard as a rock. Finally, I made this recipe for marmarakaka, which is from Wikipedia books of all places. The key was to make it in a tube pan, which I should have done anyway.

Wikibooks is pretty neat, I just discovered it this week. There is a section on plant dyeing here.



2 Responses to “Belgian King Eats Donuts”

  1. Sonja Says:

    I used to make marmarakaka a lot when I was a kid, around 12 yo. I propably learned to do it at school.

  2. Kate Says:

    The curtains looks fine to me, very suitable colours.

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