Crafty Recycled Holidays

I have some fun craft things to show, but I have not been able to get photos in daylight, so I’ll talk about some of the sewing blogs I’ve been reading instead.

Notes from the Cocktail Moms has a good article on reusing/recycling wrapping paper. (If you go to the main part of the site, there is a great post on sage pumpkin pasta sauce too. Maybe I will have to try that next week.)

Sew Green has a good post today on knitted/sewn toys. It really strikes a nerve with me, since we were gift shopping this weekend for nieces and nephews and it was almost impossible to find gifts that were not made in China. The middle nephews are getting books, the baby is getting the sweater and a truck that is made in Germany, since he is bound to put things in his mouth. The girls are getting things made in China, sadly, but they are old enough to not be eating their gifts.

And Sew, Mama, Sew has an entire month of ideas (November) of gifts to make, just in case anyone needs any ideas.

My creative brain cells are going, although it doesn’t much help because I’m too busy to do everything that’s in my head. For example, this year I won’t be making making my own wrapping paper and I certainly won’t be making my own wrapping paper out of old jeans. (However, I will be saving scraps of old jeans for next year, and trolling freecylce for discarded window screens if I can find a container that would hold them).

I do think I might make myself a dress to wear for a Christmas party (too ambitious? Maybe) and I think I plan on taking a class early next year on making my own jeans, and I will be trying out making my own bras (I bought a kit a while back and after seeing the high prices for lingerie made in third world countries, I think it’s time I tried it finally).


One Response to “Crafty Recycled Holidays”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Thanks for great links. They Sew, Mama, Sew gift ideas are great. I wish I could make something like that. Hopefully in not to distant future 🙂

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