The last of the red hot turkeys

When I was grocery shopping yesterday, I noticed something interesting. The supermarkets around me used to have the line that was “10 items or less.” Apparently, the grammar cops came to all the supermarkets, because they have suddenly started using the proper English: “10 items or fewer.”

We finished using our leftover turkey. Here’s how it got used:

Gratin of Penne, Turkey, and Mushrooms (this one uses leftover gravy and leftover swiss cheese if you served cheese and crackers)

Stacked Turkey Enchiladas (if you can’t find chipotle chilis, add some cut up jalapenos from a jar and chili powder or chipotle chili powder to the beans)

Asian Turkey Noodle Soup (I served it with Sriracha sauce — this is a very Vietnamese Pho-like soup. I really want to find a good pho recipe though.)

Lots of sandwiches

Chinese-style turkey omelettes (egg foo yung, which should not be served with brown gravy, despite the American Chinese restaurant’s attempt at proliferating this disgusting trend)

We really saved money by hosting a dinner party at our house– despite some of the more exotic ingredients in our leftovers meals, we still are eating pretty cheaply this week, and believe it or not, turkey pretty much every night is not boring this way.

Now I’ve got to go figure out what my cat did with the sock needle from my knitting.


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