Happy Thanksgiving

This is a little bit of our autumnal decorations. In the back is a jar of lavender, and we have the nest that a bird built in my shopping bags the other year, and then a leaf dish that B made in school with a bird’s nest that he found with two feathers in it (I think blue jay and gold finch), some gourds, and some bittersweet vines. If you notice, there is a little knitting project in there too. My other two current projects are for other people, so I am working on something for myself too (this is probably enough active projects to be going at once). I get what Cassie says about not have control when it comes to lace.

Today is Thanksgiving here in the States. We fed 11 people today for dinner (including us four); it was supposed to be 12 but my uncle was going to visit and got bronchitis and couldn’t fly. I woke up early so that I could spice our giant turkey and give it time to actually absorb the flavours (I used a little olive oil, herbes de Provence, oregano, herbamare, and pepper, and it was just perfect), and I stuffed it with spiced bread and apples, and the food was done at noon, which was when we were planning to serve it (since some of the guests are diabetic and have to eat on a schedule). I was pretty happy with that, because when you are cooking such a large piece of meat it is really hard to time. The cat kept wondering why he smelled a tasty bird and couldn’t have anything.

Now I am boiling the bones for soup. Usually if I cook a turkey I save the bones to make soup, but forget to do it and then too much time goes by and I have to throw it out. And we are able to be lazy and relax, so it was a successful day, I think.


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