Cook and clean and cook and cook

There was an article today about how women who make more money do less housework. Hmm. I always thought I was pretty well paid for a woman, but I do plenty of housework (well except when we let things pile up). We cleaned all weekend and I feel like I’ve been just cooking like crazy (and more to come since we are having people over on Thursday for Thanksgiving). I thought maybe it was because we women with professional jobs are too busy. But I guess the article just said well-paid women hire help and buy pre-made food. Yuck. I do think that women with good jobs tend to have husbands without sexist attitudes, because if one makes more than one’s husband and he has a sexist attitude, he’ll feel totally emasculated. My confident-in-his-manliness husband cleaned the cabinets tonight, for which I am VERY thankful.

Among the cooking I did was making the blue cheese potato soup here, which I recommend, it was really great. I used cauliflower (blómkál) instead of broccoli, which I think was probably even better than it would have been.

Any guesses what I am working on?


2 Responses to “Cook and clean and cook and cook”

  1. Jenna Says:

    One more reason to look for a better paying job, less housework! Seriously though, it does make sense to me as every time I get a little extra money I think, “I should get a housekeeper to come in and really scrub that crap out of this place.” I don’t mind the day-to-day maintenance cleaning, but the deep cleaning? I’d gladly pay someone to do that if I could.

    I am guessing … sock 🙂

  2. Sonja Says:


    pretty well paid for a woman! Common. You should be pretty well paid whether or not you’re a woman. Right? 🙂

    My husband is a stay at home dad, so most of the housework falls on him. But I’m still pretty busy on the weekend doing the stuff he doesn’t do (much), like clean and pick up the bedrooms and do laundry.

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