Plastic Passion

I don’t have much to say today since we spent the weekend cleaning but I came upon this interesting site which talks about all the scary chemicals in our bodies from plastics and other things (like the Chinese manufactured lead-containing toys). I keep hearing about this from other sources and it’s really starting to freak me out. We’ve already started throwing out a lot of our plastic containers and replacing them with glass. I really like the ease of Tupperware, but the Tupperware containers that I like best are the ones containing that nasty Bisphenol A so no thanks. I haven’t thrown out perfectly good containers, but as containers get moldy or broken, they don’t get replaced with more plastic. We bought some great glass cannisters for storing flour and sugar and so on, and we use glass canning jars to store things like nuts, raisins, and oats. I even bought glass bowls with plastic lids (so the glass is still what’s touching your food) for storing in the fridge or bringing to work. And frankly, they look cooler anyway.


One Response to “Plastic Passion”

  1. HildeC Says:

    That sounds like a smart thing to do.

    About the scarf-sock exchange: I can’t fint an e-mail adress on your blog, but maybe you can send me an e-mail? hilde.-[a]

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