In China They Eat Dogs

No, they don’t, but it’s the name of the movie we watched tonight. It is now available on Netflix; I’d seen the sequel but we had almost bought this one because there was nowhere to rent it. It’s a gangster comedy, for want of a better genre.

Speaking of China, I got linked to (and quoted by, is that creepy? Or is it just the way the Internet goes) by this site It looks like an interesting place to look for information on Chinese product recalls and buying American-made products. When we were shopping today we came upon all this designer clothing made in Bangladesh and China and so on, and it’s kind of pathetic and sad to us that these hoity-toity designers can’t be bothered to use their power to ensure that their products be made in the US. Denmark gets by purchasing Danish-manufactured goods, it’s sad that US companies just want to put making more money ahead of social responsibility.

(And once again, it’s only Saturday the 17th in EDT.)


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