(Once again, for anyone keeping track of the daily posting thing, it is still 14 November here in my time zone.)

I have finished the dinosaur sweater except one underarm seam (note stitch holder in photo). It was just way too late last night so I have to finish it today.

Christmas knitting count: 2 things finished. Want to make doll clothes for my niece, but the pants by themselves don’t count as a finished gift.

The pattern is by Ewe Can Knit. I only modified the construction, since she had you do something a little weird with the seaming, and I did it like a standard lopapeysa. The yarn is Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted.

When we were at the liquor store the other day, we picked up Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence Stout. I like stout beer, I like chocolate, it had to be good. Umm. It wasn’t. So I had to find something to do with leftover beer and I came upon this recipe for Chocolate stout cake. It is SO AMAZINGLY GOOD! It’s worth buying beer (any stout, not microbrewery beer necessarily) just to make this cake. It doesn’t taste like alcohol, it’s just moist and amazing. We left the beer out of the frosting to make it family-friendly. Only caveat: use a springform pan like she suggests. I have only one springform pan in that size, so I tried a springform and a regular pan, and I ended up with one pan of crumbly chocolate cake bits and one pretty looking cake. Also, making half the recipe makes a decent-sized cake, there is no real reason to make it two layers.


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