Dead Flowers

I had an assortment of dried flowers for dyeing: calendula blossoms, marigolds, and shungiku (edible chrysanthemum) flowers. So I made a dye pot of those, and a dye pot of shungiku greens. I was trying to go for a 2-colour yarn but I don’t quite have the technique down, so now it will be stripey with white and the tan from the greens and the beautiful orange from the flowers. I wish I had more flowers because that colour is just so gorgeous. Next year I think I will plant a whole bed of them.

I was going to sell it in my etsy store but since it didn’t come out as planned, I’ll be the guinea pig and use it myself. This way I can see what gauge this yarn gets since I haven’t used this one before.

Last night we also watched Mifunes sidste sang, which was a really fun movie. I guess it’s a romantic comedy/drama, but it’s another dogme movie. When I was looking it up on imdb, I came upon a listing for an actor in samurai movies named Toshiro Mifune, which I think is the inspiration for the imaginary character Mifune in the movie.


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  1. Flower Says:

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