Buy Handmade

(I don’t care what WordPress says, it’s still Tuesday the 13th in my time zone.)

I read about the Buy handmade pledge at Amy Karol’s blog today. It’s a pretty cool idea. We aren’t giving all handmade gifts this year, but there are a lot of handmade things on our list, thanks to a few summer driving trips taking us to cool places to buy artisan gifts.

Here are some fun places:
The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen (we bought several Christmas gifts here)
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (handcrafted essential oil perfume blends)
Goth Rosary (she makes wonderful leave-in conditioner)

If you are lucky enough to live near one of the Bazaar Bizarre events, check it out.

Ten Thousand Villages sells handcrafted fair trade goods from Africa, South America etc. We bought gifts from them.

Fire Witch Pottery. I bought her lizard mug for a friend a few years ago.

And of course there is always etsy

What fun handmade things have you found?

One Response to “Buy Handmade”

  1. Kate Says:

    Doesn’t etsy make it so much easier to buy lovely handmade things? Unless you haunt markets, I think it can be difficult to buy handmade – I guess the alternative is to make more!

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