Day Off

I took a vacation day today because B had no school and I had vacation time to use up. What does one do to entertain a bored 11 year old? Make cheese of course! Actually, it was his request. I had bought things to make havarti and he’s been dying to make cheese, but he didn’t really like the idea of having to wait months for the cheese to mature. I said we could make quick mozzarella, so we made homemade mozzarella and ricotta, which we are turning into a pizza. We also made maple syrup muffins, which are very pretty (although do not pass the husband test since they contain no chocolate ;)).

We also went to the fabric store to obtain fabric for a Top Secret Sewing Project. I was able to buy what I wanted and still buy fabric made in the USA. However, the beautiful sale and clearance fabric that I was eyeing for a possible skirt were not made in the USA. I did see some nice corduroy that is made in Japan at the quilt shop around the corner, so if I finish the need-to-finish sewing projects then I might make myself a skirt out of that. But so far I have a curtain to finish and possibly some kind of weatherizing project (lined shades? window quilts?) to help with the heat loss in the living room. Any ideas on what to do with two windows in your living room that lead to an unheated, badly insulated “three season porch”? I was thinking maybe quilt hangings but Ingi thinks they are too country. He did like a quilt with cats in a magazine I had, but I don’t know if I have time to make two big cat wall hangings).


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