Not Brown Bag

So we have a little sun (not much) and I was able to take a better photo of my bag. The clasp was a fun find, because I used a star pattern on the front of the bag and then the clasp has it as well.

Around the top of the bag I did a flower pattern, you can see it on the back here:

The yarn is mostly leftovers from this sweater (which incidentally happens to be one I washed the other day). I had originally planned to do the whole body of the bag in the lighter blue, the bottom and the strap in the medium blue, and the flap like it is, but since it was odds and ends of yarn, I ran out of yarn as I was going along, so that’s why there’s the pattern on the top of the bag and I did the strap in three colours. Also, I wanted to use the lighter blue more in the flower and star motifs but I didn’t calculate and save quite enough, so there is just a bit in the centre of them. I still am happy with how it came out.

The inspiration for the bag was Brown Bag on Knitty. I obviously changed it quite a bit (although the stitch count is all the same). The yarn is Álafoss Lopi. The strap is made with a slip stitch double-knitting technique. It’s intended to be a bag to bring lunch to work (like the originally Knitty pattern) so now I can stop using plastic bags.

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