Very vanilla

My friend Heléne says that in general, people are tea-and-vanilla people or coffee-and-chocolate people. Do you think that one applies to you? Ingi is definitely a coffee-and-chocolate person. Myself, I like all of the above (although if forced to choose one and only one, I’d lean toward coffee and chocolate).

I was running low on vanilla, so I bought the store brand of vanilla extract. When I got home and opened the bottle, I realised it had corn syrup in it! Yuck. So I decided to make my own.

I wonder if Ingi was worried I was going on a drinking binge when I came home with a bottle of vodka and a bottle of cognac (for the soup). 😉

The recipe I used is really easy. Split 2 vanilla beans (vanillustangir) and put them in a jar with vodka. I imagine you could use nasty cheap vodka like Popov, but I was afraid it would impart a certain yuckiness to my vanilla. (Anyone ever do this before and could comment?) I figured we’d have leftover, and if I didn’t use it to make herbal cough syrup, someone might like to drink it, so we may as well get a decent vodka. I’ve also heard one could use brandy, so perhaps I should have just stuck with the cognac and used the leftover cognac. Maybe I will try this next time and compare. I have seen some recipes that add sugar, but I thought it might be best to leave it out. (ETA: I left out the most important part. Let sit for a month or two before using).

This should be the last food post for a bit. I am felting my bag right now!


One Response to “Very vanilla”

  1. Beth S. Says:

    Very clever idea, making your own vanilla extract!

    You could also make your own vanilla vodka that way, too. That’s what I’d do. 😉

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