Sense of timing

This morning I was waiting for the bus, and when it was 10 minutes late, the other guy waiting with me called the bus company. They said it was running extremely late, and would be there in 15-30 minutes, so I got to drive in late and get stuck and traffic, and still not get to knit or read on the bus.

Appropriate sense of timing, albeit odd: Tomorrow is election day here, and on the way there was a politician standing with his sign. Typical enough sight. Except the fact that he had a little white dog in one of those front-pack carriers normally used for babies. I guess he’s trying to get the dog lover votes.

Inappropriate sense of timing: When I got into the city where I work, they have already decorated for Christmas with little trees on the poles. Huh??? It’s only November.

And…as WordPress (who is in GMT) is concerned, today is Tuesday, but it’s still Monday yet here as far as I am concerned for many more hours. So, does this count as blogging every day?


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