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So in a major duh! moment, scientists realise that organic food is healthier for you. We read about this on MBL the other day. As someone who has been organic gardening for many years, and helped my grandfather and read his Organic Gardening magazines when I was little, I find it hard to believe that this is news. How else would the nutrients get into the vegetables but from healthy soil? Magic? Ingi also found a link on how the world could be fed with organic gardening.

I made my mother-in-law’s fabulous lobster soup today. She mailed me the recipe a while ago, but I was procrastinating making it, since you have to make a broth from the shells and it is time consuming. It was worth it, though.

Then when I went to vote, the Boy Scouts were selling homebaked cookies and breads and the Girl Scouts were selling cookies in boxes. Somehow, that just seems wrong. Shouldn’t the girls be selling homebaked goods? Then again, my dad was the baker in the family and the one who taught me how to make meringue and the best chocolate chip cookies.


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  1. HildeC Says:

    Thank you for linking to the article “How the world..”. That was interesting reading, and I’m sure we will hear more about that.
    I saw an interview on TV with a farmer from India. I don’t remember what he was growing, but his family had done it for generations, and they were able to survive with what they produced. Then a fertilizer/pesticide company persuaded him to use their products. The first couple of years his crop was much bigger. Then the soil became damaged, the pesticides no longer killed the insects, the crop was poorer than ever, the farmer had become sick from the pesticides, and he was no longer able to feed his family. It was a heartbreaking story. I wonder how the people behind this is able to sleep at night.

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