Cold weather

Today B had his last soccer game and it was a very cold windy day, it hit me that this autumn has been so warm. Normally soccer season is always cold, and this was the first time that I had cold fingers watching the game. They were the top team in the group, which is nice. I did actually get some knitting done despite the cold fingers, but I haven’t yet finished the strap. I had a favour for a freelance client turn into a nightmare and haven’t really had any knitting time.

I decided that I really don’t want to have Teflon in my house last night. My mother gave me a Teflon cookie sheet (it was an extra in a set she bought). I was cooking a quiche on it last night (so it wouldn’t drip into the oven) and took it out and set it onto the stove, not realising the burner had been left on. The Teflon pan started to cook on the burner, and the chemical fumes that filled the house were so disgusting. I can see why it kills birds. I threw the pan into the yard and had to open all the windows to try and air out my kitchen. I’ve made a lot of stupid mistakes cooking in my life but nothing that bordered on chemical warfare.


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