Mice ate my garlic

I went to cook supper today and noticed that the leftover garlic that I had in the cabinet from the last time I cooked was gone. Luckily, I had bought more on Wednesday, so I was still able to make dinner. Too bad my cat doesn’t fit in that bottom cabinet to eat the mice.

I am still working on an answer to Sonja’s book meme, so I will post that later.

Last week, I decided to try to give broomstick lace a try, after seeing Hilde’s beautiful work. I think I am using too small of a knitting needle and maybe just not doing it right in general. I’m still trying to decide if it’s an interesting enough texture, or if I should just give up on it and try again with a bigger needle.

In honour of UFO Fimmtadagur, I am thinking about my UFOs. The common theme tends to be something that I am stuck on.
There is the Glampyre sweater that I started the other year which is knit top down, and after starting to work on the sleeves I thought I needed to do more increasing. So I have to sit down and figure that out.
There is the felted bag that I started and need to come up with a pattern to put on it. I thought I had something until I realised it is 68 stitches around and the pattern I wanted is 17 stitches, which doesn’t allow for any space in between the pattern (or too much space). So I have to figure out a different pattern idea to do.
Then there is my nephew’s dinosaur sweater, which is all set to work on the patterning part except I need to find a few more colours of yarn which I can continue. I think one may be still in the bimmer from Rhinebeck, but I have to actually buy 2 colours.
The Queen Anne’s lace gansey socks need to be frogged and redone on smaller needles (do they count as a WIP then?)
And there is the Mystery Stole to block.
(The UFO list is a bit longer, but if I could just complete these batch of things that would be great.)


One Response to “Mice ate my garlic”

  1. Maggan Says:

    This looks complicated… or is it the furry yarn that makes me think it´s complicated 😉 I´ve joined Six sox – kal too but haven´t done a sock yet…. I´ll check my stash for some yarn to the Argyle-sock later….

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