Guy Stuff

Seems like the guys have been picking some of the movies we watched lately, a real testosterone fest. (Maybe it’s revenge for that Brokeback Mountain? ;)) Surprisingly, they were much better than expected. We watched The Guardian the other night, which was selected while I waited outside the video store with the dog. And we watched Flyboys a while ago, which also surprised me. And of course James Bond the other day. Anyway, it must have rubbed off or something, because when Ingi and I went to pick out a movie for the two of us to watch, I suggested 1408, which is a thriller based on a Stephen King story, sort of like The Shining. That one was really fun.

My knitting is guy stuff too…. guy socks.

Also popular with the guys, Amy Karol’s amazing pumpkin muffins. I made these the other night with a pumpkin I bought at the farmers’ market.


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