Socially responsible shopping

I just sold the first thing from my etsy shop!!! I put a few balls of plant-dyed yarn on there. I hope to be putting more plant-dyed yarn as I get yarn and dye it. I’m collecting a nice assortment of dyestuff, more on that later.

I also finished my Mystery Stole 3! Now I have to block it and figure out how to wear this thing. Any ideas?

So this week I was realizing I needed some fall clothing. My long sleeve shirts are all starting to look like something to use for waxing the car, and most of my jeans are too faded or don’t fit. Harpa posted about an article the other day where a Swedish environmental group did some tests on textiles and found all kinds of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals in items produced in non-EU countries. You can read a PDF about the study here. Scary stuff. So I decided I wanted to buy something made in the US, Canada, or the EU. After some research, I decided to try Lucky brand jeans, because I could find them at several shops at the mall near me. So off we went to the mall. I did find the jeans, and they fit perfectly, but I didn’t buy any because the only ones they had in my size were long. So I will get jeans another day. We saw a few cute sweaters, one was a cotton sweater with a really nice lace design and an overlapping v-neck. Made in China, and they wanted $65. Oh well, maybe I have a sweater design idea for a future project. Then I saw a beautiful Elle MacPherson designed bra. Made in China, and $60! Elle, do you really need the money that badly? So I went home with nothing, and went online and bought some shirts on sale from American Apparel. Even the fabric is made in the US, and it’s comparable in price to The Gap or Old Navy. So I guess you have to work hard at being socially responsible, but I think it’s worth it. I’ve decided to research country of origin from anything that I buy. The only way to make a difference is to vote with your wallet.

This weekend was our anniversary, so we went for a nice drive Sunday, after seeing the 1931 Frankenstein in a theatre built in 1931 on Saturday night. (I wanted to dress like we were in the 1930’s, but we were rushing around and didn’t have time). We went to Shelburne Falls, where we went on our mini honeymoon.


3 Responses to “Socially responsible shopping”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Congrats on you first Etsy selling experience.

    I rented Parfume: Story of a murderer the other day. I liked the surreality of it but it was so different from how I remember the book but I read the book long, long time ago so I really don’t remember much.

    Good luck with the social conscious shopping. It’s good to know what to look for.

  2. Cassie Says:

    Interesting post (and beautiful shawl!). I’m off to read the links on the toxins and clothes. I’ve been vaguely troubled for years about clothing and shopping and where things are made, but haven’t done much about it. Time to get myself educated. Thanks.

  3. Mice ate my garlic « Knitting And A Movie Says:

    […] need to be frogged and redone on smaller needles (do they count as a WIP then?) And there is the Mystery Stole to block. (The UFO list is a bit longer, but if I could just complete these batch of things that […]

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